What we do


Viterra Italy imports and distributes goods from all over the world across the local market.

Our logistics activities are supported by a complex supply and distribution system, which allows us to control and coordinate the flow of goods between our various storage hubs and our consumers.

Our supply chains rely on carefully coordinated means of transport, including vessels, trains and trucks.

We use an organized network of storage facilites that comply with the highest quality standards and periodically carry out controls on goods with timely operational management.


As a group, Viterra manages more than 190 ocean vessels. 

Viterra Italy is able to manage punctual shipments to meet demands of consumers in terms of quality and timing.


Through our railway network, we are able to transport goods throughout European and national territories.

The group manages over 2000 railway wagons that are able to handle large volumes of goods, offering flexibility throughout the whole year.



We use an extensive network of storage facilities throughout the country.

These structures comply with the most up-to-date and highest quality standards.

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Food & feed safety

We are committed to ensuring both food and feed products meet the exact quality specifications our customers require, implementing and respecting the highest international standards from the origin of the goods.

This takes place through strict controls and periodic reviews throughout our whole supply chain.

We work with the industry's leading surveyors to conduct audits of all of our sites within the Viterra group. Furthermore, among our Italian certifications, we boast the EFISC.GTP feed / food safety assurance and the REG. E 183-05.

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